The automated digital marketing agency system – Step by step guides to automating your digital marketing strategy for maximized business growth and less effort.


The Small Business Association has stated that 30% of newly founded businesses are likely to fail within the first two years. Additionally, 50% of small businesses are bound to go under in five or more years. The success of a small business depends on the effective marketing which leads to cash flow.

Note: This projection was made before the current global Covid-19 epidemic. Unfortunately, the success rate could be significantly less due to the environment.


One of the highest contributing factors of these failed businesses is the lack of effective digital marketing strategies.  Most small to medium sized businesses simply don’t have the manpower, know-how, budget, or resources to apply effective marketing solutions for their business. This creates a snowball effect that not only hinders the growth of businesses, but also creates a lack of brand awareness, less brand consideration, lowering rates of acquisition, and less sales which tremendously impacts the sustainability of the business. Unfortunately, leading in another failed operation.


We all know the amount of investment that goes into starting any type of business, no matter how big or small, online or offline. It takes a ton of effort, money, blood, sweat, tears and a clear vision to start and sustain the very thing you’ve put your heart and soul into. We know that small business owners have a ton of things to consider to make their businesses run smoothly. Some of these considerations lie in employment related issues, logistics, fulfillment, daily operational procedures, inventory, legal issues, and the list goes on and on. With all these things to worry about, marketing strategy and client acquisition typically goes to the bottom of the to-do list. We also know that there’s just too much information out there in regards to marketing, and it’s just too difficult for small brands to break through all the clutter without years of marketing experience, or big budgets to get a competitive edge.


This is why we created the SYNC 360 Digital Marketing Secrets Guides. Here you’ll find the necessary guides to get your business the essential how-to information for marketing your business with powerful results. 

With over 18 years in the digital marketing industry we’ve worked with large fortune 500 companies such as Google, Samsung, Nissan, Nike, Infiniti, and more.  We’ve also worked with small mom and pop shops using the same marketing techniques to convert target markets at local levels. No longer are the days of big business, big budgets, and in-house marketing departments needed to deliver smart and effective marketing.  So, regardless of the size of your business we can help you optimize your online presence and brand experience to fit your budget and needs. 




“Our business was barely staying afloat before we applied the techniques illustrated in these guides. Now, we’re looking to expand by opening another shop, while a few of our main competitors have since went bankrupt in our local market. We’re looking forward to a really busy year. Thank you for changing our lives. ” – Jae C.


“Concise, easy to follow, and the advertising works really really well.  We’ve had a huge increase in inquiries which converted into sales in the past several months.  Wish we had done this earlier. ” – Small business owner Chester S.


“We had already built a website for our business but the problem was it wasn’t working well. We barely got any traffic and it was basically just an online brochure.  After we implemented some techniques for lead generation, Facebook ads, SEO and email blasts and tied them all together with a funnel we saw a tremendous spike in sales! Best of all, we didn’t have to spend a fortune or a ton of time building it out.  Highly recommend getting the guides if you know your way around a computer, or just getting these guys to do it for you. It will pay for itself faster than you think.” – Gloria S.


Our approach is simple.  We’ve strategically built our packages around the consumer journey.  What’s a consumer journey? In a recent study, it’s said that consumers on average have anywhere between 5 to 11 touch points with your brand before they make a purchase decision depending on persona and industry.  This study also indicates that very few consumers buy a product or service on the first contact with your brand. In other words, this means that the costumer experience consisting of every contact point, every interaction, and the relationship your customer has with your brand either encourages them to consider what you are offering, or turns them to purchase from your competition.

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So, whether your potential customer is seeing your brand for the first time (cold), or they have been considering your brand through other forms of advertising (warm), or they are ready to purchase (hot) we’ll take a close look at each consumer journey and help you optimize each contact point to deliver the right message at each stage of the marketing funnel.

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The goal of each of our projects is to deliver measurable results to improve your brand presence, user experience, and ROI.  

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Since not all businesses are the same, and most businesses already have some sort of marketing strategy in place, we’ve built a series of guides so that you can customize your marketing strategy to perfectly match what you need, when you need it.  Let’s say you already have a working website, we’ll teach you how to integrate the latest SEO strategies to get more visibility with highly targeted keywords. Or if you are already running a direct marketing campaign, we’ll show you how to build on the campaign using automation, retargeting ads, and funnels to capture better leads, scheduling calls, and pre-qualified acquisitions. 

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Learn how to effectively reach the right target audience using the latest software, social channels, and platforms.  We’ll also show you how to leverage your advertising spend to maximize ad budget and your ROI through proven A/B testing methods.  And once you’ve optimized your marketing strategy you’ll learn how to progressively scale your marketing budget step by step to avoid common errors and simple mistakes which can be detrimental to your business. Ultimately, we’ll teach you how to formulate and optimize your marketing strategy to bring in more qualified leads, interest, and sales so you can focus on running your business. 

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The guides are simple, easy to use, and easy to implement into your existing business. These step-by-step actionable instructions allow you to integrate and accelerate your marketing automation strategy quickly and effectively without having to spend months of planning, and huge marketing budgets. And once your marketing automation is fully optimized and running you’ll be able to allocate the extra saved time,  money, and energy on upselling, fulfillment, and operations to grow your business while having an explosive cash flow.

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