Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audience on Facebook

Level: Easy
Time: 5-10 Minutes

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Goal

To create a Facebook Lookalike Audiences that you can use to expand your Facebook Ads audience.

Ideal Outcome

By the end of this Facebook Lookalike Audiences guide, you will have a Lookalike audience in the target country of your choice.

Prerequisites or Requirements

To follow this Facebook Lookalike Audiences guide to you’ll need:

Why this is Important

A Facebook Lookalike Audiences uses your selected source audience as an input to create a group of people that share the same qualities (demographic information, interests and other) of the people in it, allowing you to scale your ads effectively.

Where this is Done

In your Facebook Asset Library.

When this is Done

When you want to scale your prospecting campaigns.

Who does This

The person responsible for paid advertising.

Creating your Facebook Lookalike Audiences

1. Open Facebook’s Business Manager on your browser by going to https://business.facebook.com.

2. On the left sidebar, click ‘Audiences’:

3. On the topmost-right corner, select the Ad Account you want to work on (or confirm that you are using the right one):

Also, you also might need to click ‘Get Started’ to open the Facebook Business Tools Terms and agree to it:

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Get Started

4. Click “Create Audience” → “Lookalike Audience”

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Create Audience

Note: If you have never created an audience before this menu might look slightly different, you should, in any case, select the option “lookalike audience”:

Note 2: You might see a disclaimer that ‘your lookalike audience source may not include some people using iOS 14.5 or later devices.’ This means that Apple users might opt-out of data tracking, and they will be basically harder to track, resulting in a decrease in performance.
Facebook Lookalike Audiences

5. Select the type of audience you want to use as a “Source” for this new Lookalike audience:

Example: If you want to create a lookalike audience of the users who purchased on your e-commerce store and your tracking setup is sending conversion values to Facebook (recommended) you would select this option.

Note: If you haven’t implemented Facebook tracking yet, or want to improve your setup, you can follow SOP 017: Setting up FB Conversion Tracking.

type of audience
6. Using Value-Based Sources:
Facebook Lookalike Audiences Value-Based Sources

Note: If you are seeing no values being reported, and/or 0 purchases, like in this example:

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Value-Based-Sources-Report

Or if you see all events greyed out when you click on ‘Other events with value’:

other events with value

You probably are not sending your conversion values and/or events to Facebook yet. You can follow SOP 017: Setting up FB Conversion Tracking to do so.

1. Select your Source – If you are not sure, that should be the company’s Facebook pixel. (Identified by a grey “Facebook Pixel” label next to it on the right of the drop-down)

2. Select your Event – The event you select here will be the one Facebook will use to generate the audience that will serve as a source for your lookalike audiences.

a. Note: Select an event that generates an audience of at least 100 people from a single country or you won’t be able to generate your lookalike audience. The more people in your source audience, the better your lookalikes will be.

b. Note 2: If you don’t have enough people in your lookalike audience for a given event (e.g: InitiateCheckout) select an event that occurs more often (e.g: AddtoCart).

3. Review your source audience – After you’ve selected your Source and your Event, you’ll be able to review the data that Facebook has and that will be used to generate your source audience (and consequently your lookalike audience).

a. Ask yourself the following questions:

i. Does this data make sense?

1. Did I ever have an event in the last 60 days with such a high/low value?

2. Does my customer number for the last 60 days make sense?

3. Does the total number of this event for the last 60 days make sense?

Note: You can cross-reference the data with the one you have in Google Analytics.

ii. If the data does not make sense, make sure you have followed SOP 017: Setting up FB Conversion Tracking to correctly setup your Facebook tracking. If you are not able to fix it yourself contact a web developer to help you fix your tracking setup. It is not recommended to create this lookalike audience at this moment for you.

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7. Using Other Sources:

Note: The audience you select here will affect the Lookalike Audience that ends up being created.

i. Example: If you run an e-commerce apparel business and create your Lookalike Audience based on the people that visited your “Women’s” section, you will most likely get a Lookalike Audience where the majority of the group is female.

Note 2: Your source audience must contain at least 100 people in the same country in order to use it as the basis for a Lookalike Audience.

facebook lookalike audiences other-sources

8. Selecting locations where you would like to find your similar set of users.

Note: You will be able to add locations when you create ad sets. This location does not need to be necessarily the same as the one where your source audience is located.

9. Select your intended Audience Size as a percentage of your target country’s Facebook users.

Note: You cannot edit the audience size after the audience is created. You can always create a new one, and you can create up to 500 Lookalike audiences from a single source audience.

Note 2: The percentage you select will vary depending on how broad you are willing to go with your targeting. Selecting 1% will yield highly similar users whereas 10% might include some less similar users but will increase your audience size.

intended audience size
10. Click “Create Audience”
Facebook Lookalike Audiences Click Create Audience

11. That’s it! Your Lookalike Audience has been created and you should now see it on your “Audiences” dashboard:

audiences dashboard

a. Note: When setting up your Ad Set, you will be able to filter your Lookalike Audiences:

Ad Set setting

b. Note 2: Your audience might not be ready immediately, sometimes it may take up to 24h for it to become available for use. Once ready the “Availability” column will feature a green light and a “Ready” status.

ready status